The Chronicles of George

Welcome to the Chronicles of George!

This web site is a collection of helpdesk tickets gleaned from the support database of my first IT job. I was employed there for twenty months, and during that time I had the misfortune of encountering an individual whom I will call George.

George is, quite simply, the worst helpdesk technician ever.

His grasp on the written word is shakier than a canoe full of epileptics. His knowledge of computers is thinner than a Vegas dancer's chiffon underpants. He is, by all standards of intelligence, a rock.

While we worked together, George was responsible for turning out some of the most mangled, garbled, and just plain screwed up help desk tickets ever before seen by mortal man. I have taken these tickets and collected them, and I present them to you as a cathartic expression, a venting of fourteen months' pain and frustration (George's employ and my own overlapped by that amount of time).

Mean? Perhaps. Spiteful? Probably. Funny? Oh, most definitely.

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